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Universal Studios Japan and Weekly Shonen Jump to Team Up


It has been confirmed that Weekly Shonen Jump will once again be teaming up with Universal Studios Japan in Osaka to bring us Universal Jump Summer this year. The event will run from 3 months from 30 June to 1 October 2017. The event will feature attractions based on popular Shonen Jump works such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Gintama

The first Universal Jump Summer event took place last year in 2016. For the 2017, the event period has been extended from 66 days to 94 days. This event will not only please the kids, but adults can have fun entering the world of Shonen Jump too.
Details of the event are yet to be announced, but the key visual features some of the most well-known faces from the beloved manga magazine. Dragon Ball’s Son Goku, Gintama’s Gintoki Sakata, One Piece’s Monkey D Luffy and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Jotaro Kujo are all depicted. This year will be the first time that JoJo and Gintama will be taking part. Both these series have live-action movies coming out later this year, and we can’t wait!

Last year’s event was very exciting, with attractions such as Dragon Ball’s 4D movie Dragon Ball Z The Real 4D and Death Note’s escape game Death Note The Escape. We wonder what attraction’s will be the talk of the town this year. Expectations are rising for this USJ and Jump collaboration. If you are planning on visiting Japan sometime this summer, then make sure you head to Osaka!


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