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Theme Song of ‘Fairy Tail -Dragon Cry-’ By Polka Dots

It’s only a few days until Fairy Tail -Dragon Cry- comes out in Japanese cinemas and we finally can listen to the theme song of the movie – but only online! The song comes with a music video. The song’s title is ‘What You Are’ by Polka Dots, a unit made up of voice actresses Himika Akaneya and Yuki Takao.

Their powerful singing voice is dramatically depicted through the pictures of Natsu and his friends from the guild Fairy Tail engaged in fierce fights. The video shows numerous new scenes which fans didn’t get to see yet in the trailers and shows more of the new characters and the scenery of the movie. We hope that the movie won’t be as speedy as the MV…

Hiro Mashima Comment

‘Dragon Cry is the beginning of the end for Fairy Tail. I wanted to make an entertaining movie this time, so I wrote the storyboard with a different approach than the last movie. I want the fans who watch this movie to enjoy it, so I put in many surprises. Please take some time and watch the credits until the end, looking at the activities of the fairies.’


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